It's About Time

Version Info

  • Corrected a bug where time entries were not being displayed when starting the timer while creating a new record.
  • Fixed a problem with the employee lookup on the export form.
  • Option for larger text size for lists.
  • Show grand total of all time entries displayed
  • Setting for default start page.
  • Remove validation on customer field in time entry edit/update.
  • Fixed bug causing crash when trying to create or edit a job.
  • Fixed bug when starting timer while creating new record
  • Format main screen to handle landscape layout better
  • Changed message for missing bank and credit card accounts
  • Increased size of toolbar buttons
  • Default values in export screen to be un-checked
  • Modified export to use default accounts for accounts receivable and sales tax payable if not setup in settings.
  • Corrected a bug with database upgrade that wouldn't add new fields if no data existed in the table.
  • Changed so that only looks in Dropbox folder at startup for new import files.
  • New start page with icons for all functions.
  • Option to display amount instead if hours in time list.
  • Indicate billable/non-billable in time list.
  • Add Dropbox support.
  • Create a new invoice screen not tied to time entries.
  • Format screens to handle focus on top most field.
  • Option to add user name to export file name.
  • Create new screen to enter expenses.
  • Export expenses to be imported into QuickBooks.
  • Check sdcard Dropbox folder for new import files on startup.
  • Make entering multiple lines easier/faster.
  • Choose where backups are saved.
  • Import chart of accounts from QuickBooks.
  • New interface with light/dark theme.
  • Validate customer, job, vendor and item numbers not blank when creating new data.
  • Show preference values in settings.
  • Smarter import - ability to choose file and analyze it to determine contents.
  • Don't show hidden data in drop-down lookuups.
  • Move imported files to sub-folder.
  • Made using timer faster/easier.
  • Added grouping to preferences in settings.
  • Moved some settings from export screent to settings.
  • Formatting for Honeycomb.
  • Added new date format.
  • Re-publish app.
  • Added ability to un-delete records.
  • Added backup/restore functionality.
  • Fixed bug when no employee had been previously selected.
  • Format notes export to handle line breaks.
  • Removed dial feature to make available to more devices.
  • Added a new setting to include timer start and stop information in the notes field.
  • Added a new setting to include customer/job information in the notes field.
  • Fixed invoices for expenses not importing into QuickBooks.
  • Licensing issues.
  • Licensing issues.
  • Working on integrating licensing.
  • Option to not show or use QuickBooks Jobs.
  • Option to set the date format used in QuickBooks.
  • Support for QuickBooks for Mac list exports.
  • Moved help online to new website.
  • Added license checking.
  • Alert user if no data is found for export criteria.
  • Fixed error when cancelling new customer, job or item.
  • Time entry truncating item.
  • Employee not being created when clicking add new.
  • Changed item and job length validation to take into account sub-jobs and sub-items.
  • SQL syntax error when deleting customer that has jobs.
  • New preference to save values from last time entry and use them to populate subsequent new time.
  • Added employee field to time entries and default to the last value.
  • Use a sub-directory on sdcard for exporting/importing data.
  • New screens for maintaining customers, jobs and items.
  • Add extension .iif to import filename if not entered by the user.
  • Added preference for maximum number of entries for when a drop down becomes an auto-complete text field.
  • Option for dialing contact number for customers and jobs.
  • Option for emailing contact for customers and jobs.
  • Create a unique filename when exporting so previous files do not get overwritten.
  • Allow exported time entries to be marked as not exported.
  • Limit size for new customers/job/items to prevent error during import into QuickBooks.
  • Import vendor records
  • Add 1099 vendors to list of employees when exporting
  • Auto-complete for text fields with more than 10 entries
  • Fix date display for different locales
  • Export was not including the billable status
  • Import item list from QuickBooks which contains additional data needed to create invoices
  • Attach inventory items to time entry
  • Create invoice in QuickBooks for items added to time entry
  • New help section for Getting Started
  • Import summary message
  • Added validation to file being imported
  • Remove timer from status bar when time entry is deleted
  • Check for existence of sdcard before importing/exporting
  • Various database improvements
  • Set focus to hours in add/edit time
  • Pick date/time when stopping timer
  • Position list appropriately when adding/editing time
  • Fix force close when application shutting down while progress dialog displayed
  • Creating a new item no longer works since filtering for Service items only
  • Format subject for email when user changes from or to date
  • Correct behavior when click on date fields
  • Only import SERV, INVENTORY and PART type items
  • Only import items not hidden
  • Only import customers/job not hidden
  • Only show SERV type items when entering time
  • Handle exporting with only a customer and no job
  • Remove quotes from text fields during import
  • Ability to add employees during export
  • Validation that employee is selected prior to export
  • Export was not using header information retrieved during the import
  • Time was not formatted correctly in export file
  • Date was not formatted correctly in export filename
  • Added LED lights to notification
  • Added EULA to startup
  • Added detailed help documentation
  • Display timer notification on startup if application has been killed
  • When clicking on notification, launch application instead of web page
  • Long click on the time entry was not displaying the duration in some instances
  • Export filename did not have correct file extension
  • Formatted display of notification
  • Default to total by Day
  • Inital release with base functionality