It's About Time

It's About Time is an Android app developed for professionals that use QuickBooks to bill time and material and/or expenses.

Time entry list


  • Integration with Quickbooks (2007 and later) Timer Activities
  • Import customers, jobs, vendors, items, accounts and employees from QuickBooks
  • Export/Email time sheets to be imported into QuickBooks
  • Export/Email material and expense invoices to be imported into QuickBooks
  • Option to setup folders for DropBox
  • Maintain timers on multiple time entries
  • Create and maintain invoices for customers/jobs
  • Create and maintain expenses for customers/jobs
  • Create and maintain customers, jobs, vendors, items and employees - data will be updated automatically in QuickBooks
  • Filter time by status, customer and date
  • Show totals for time by day, week, month or customer
  • Send emails to customer contacts
  • Optionally maintain history of time entries allowing for re-exporting of time entries
  • Option for setting the first day of the week
  • Option to set an increment of time for timer activities
  • Control drop-down fields by specifying how many entries allowed before becoming an auto-complete field
  • Option to use the last values for time entries
  • Automatically include date/time in the notes field
  • Automatically include customer/job in the notes field
  • Ability to show data hidden by QuickBooks
  • Ability to turn off and not use jobs